Emotional Counselling

Emotional instability disturbs the whole life. We stabilized the emotional life.

Child Counselling

Child is the center of the family. To raise the healthy child is parents' responsibility. To do this and to solve the children related problem counseling is very helpful. Children related problem , such as study problem, eating problem, bed wetting and other problems are solved through counseling.

Personality Enhancement Counselling

Good qualities can become best and the bad qualities can be eliminated only by counseling which enhances the personality

Yoga Therapy Counselling

Yoga is beneficial for the health in ways that modern science is just beginning to understand. Even though it has been applied with therapeutic intention for thousands of years, Yoga Therapy is only just now emerging as a discipline in itself. More health care practitioners are starting to include yogic techniques in their approach to healing -- and more yoga teachers give a therapeutic intention to their teaching. People who have never tried yoga before are starting to consider including Yoga in their treatment plan.

Meditation Counselling

The only easy and effective way to relax the mind and body is through meditation, it is noticed at present many people are taking the path of the ancient practice to find solace in the stressful lifestyle. Meditation is a method of training the mind and controlling the inner consciousness to achieve a desired goal. Meditation and worship are not synonymous. It is an art of mental awareness. Meditation is the technique of focusing the mind and detaching itself for all thoughts. It is the compound concentration over an object, a vision, a sound, breathing to reach a state of relaxation and motivate the spiritual and personal growth. Meditation is a unique way of detaching completely the body and the mind and rest in a state of realization and evaluation of the inner being.

Relaxation Therapy Counselling

When the average person is awake, many thoughts are going through his or her mind. The waking mind is very active. During sleep, the mind can remain active, though the rhythm is slower than that of the mind when awake. Have you ever slept for a full night, but awoke still feeling tired? When the mind is active, sleep is not always restful. The aim of relaxation therapy is to quiet the mind; to allow thoughts to flow in a smooth, level rhythm, and induce the relaxation response. This mental quiet allows for rest and rejuvenation that does not always occur, even during sleep. Relaxation therapy does not attempt to empty the mind, since it is not possible to think of nothing. In relaxation, we focus the mind, and relax both mind and body.

Lifestyle Changes Counselling

Stress affects most people in some way. Acute (sudden, short-term) stress leads to rapid changes throughout the body. Almost all body systems (the heart and blood vessels, the immune system, the lungs, the digestive system, the sensory organs, and brain) gear up to meet perceived danger. These stresses could prove beneficial in a critical, life-or-death situation. Over time, however, repeated stressful situations put a strain on the body that may contribute to physical and psychological problems. Chronic (long-term) stress can have real health consequences and should be addressed like any other health concern. Fortunately, research is showing that lifestyle changes and stress-reduction techniques can help people learn to manage their stress.

Time Management Counselling

Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity. Time management may be aided by a range of skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects and goals complying with a due date. This set encompasses a wide scope of activities, and these include planning, allocating, setting goals, delegation, analysis of time spent, monitoring, organizing, scheduling, and prioritizing. Initially, time management referred to just business or work activities, but eventually the term broadened to include personal activities as well. A time management system is a designed combination of processes, tools, techniques, and methods.

Healing By Music (Music Therapy) Counselling

Everyone from tiny infants to octogenarians experience little miracles every day. Some are healed, some are given a few moments of relief from pain, and still others are comforted in their passage to the beyond. It is the power of music which makes these little miracles possible. Healing isn't about science. Healing is about people. And real people are experiencing very real results from the healing power of music, often through the efforts of volunteers, in hospices, senior centres, and in cancer and children's wards.

Biofeedback Counselling

Biofeedback is the process of gaining greater awareness of many physiological functions primarily using instruments that provide information on the activity of those same systems, with a goal of being able to manipulate them at will. Some of the processes that can be controlled include brainwaves, muscle tone, skin conductance, heart rate and pain perception. Biofeedback may be used to improve health, performance, and the physiological changes which often occur in conjunction with changes to thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. Eventually, these changes may be maintained without the use of extra equipment, even though no equipment is necessarily required to practice biofeedback. Biofeedback has been found to be effective for the treatment of headaches and migraines.

Political Challenges Counselling

Politics is very unstable field as people engage into political segments & activities experiencing much amount of depression and tension. With the aim to gain maximum power and wealth, politicians engage into the activities of depression and stress.

Social Imbalance Counselling

Due to selfish activities and ego driven aspect, we forget that we have social responsibility and commitments. Itís very difficult to solve who cannot have any idea how to communicate with the people and how to balance our responsibility with rights.

Addiction Counselling

Due to depression and loneliness, people want some freedom. That is why; they choose to addict Alcohol, Drugs, Narcotics Products, Tobacco, etc. Addiction of any product is harm to all society.

Sexual Dissatisfaction Counselling

In our busy and hectic routine of lifestyle, we ever forget that we need some amount of sexual satisfaction. The relationships of Husband & Wife based on their level of sexual satisfaction, sometimes husband cannot evaluate wifeís desire for above aspect and in other case, wife cannot manage to fulfil sexual desire of husband. Basically, marital conflicts are raised due to lack of proper discussion on the subject.

Belief & Identity Counselling

Academic achievement, Workplace performance problems, Inflexible institutions, alienation and isolation, Talents developed fully, at the expense of the full self. In more than 10 years of working with gifted and talented people, we have seen many gifted people struggle with issues like these.

As a result, we have become convinced that focusing on your identity as a gifted person and how that relates to the whole self is the foundation for growth. Learning how people are gifted or about your giftedness / talent and understanding it in the context of family, friends and co-workers is always the first step to activating your potential and leading more fulfilling lives. For me identity is the tool of your expression not who you are.

As a counselor, seeking to define and organize the variables affecting gifted identity and its development, I created the Gifted Identity Formation Model. Based on identity formation and its crucial variables in the counseling or any growth process, the model gives you a method for assessing potential and delivering interventions, etc. that explore and strengthen the identity formation of gifted people and all people in the process of activating potential.

Career Counselling

Every day different careers and professional opportunities are emerging. No matter how much you want to do all of them you will have to prioritize and choose the best option for you.

  • Unique Strengths
  • Abilities
  • Interests
  • Aspirations
  • Weaknesses

We Will help you to decide which are some of the viable options for you. This process of career planning is vital for your success.

As a counselor, seeking to define and organize the variables affecting gifted identity and its development, I created the Gifted Identity Formation Model. Based on identity formation and its crucial variables in the counseling or any growth process, the model gives you a method for assessing potential and delivering interventions, etc. that explore and strengthen the identity formation of gifted people and all people in the process of activating potential.

Self Assessment: The entire process of career planning should be ideally done in conjunction with your career counsellor, such that you have professional help at every step. A trained career counsellor can help you identify several professions in which you can be good. Even if your test indicates your aptitude in medicine - lack of half a mark can prove to be an obstacle and thus makes it vital that your list of possible professions be long. Let no person ever tell you that you are good for nothing. Each one of us has talents, it is important to identify them & then work hard to develop them further.

Self Analysis: Another equally important aspect of self assessment is self analysis or soul searching. We are the best judge for ourselves. If you concentrate and decide to be honest with yourself the self analysis can project remarkable results.

Need for Planning: Ask all the grownups you know what they wanted to become when they were young. The chances are very few of them actually became what they aspired towards in childhood. This may not essentially be a reflection of their failure - but an important evidence of change. Circumstances change, ideas changes so do people. So it will be for many of you. By the time you grow up you will end up working in professions that you or even your parents have never heard about today. Some of you may work in traditional professions and move along a well planned path.

Pre-marital Counselling

A marriage can be a very satisfying life journey. All humans are created with a desire to love someone special and to be loved. All of us are drawn to love and will fall in love at some point in time of our lives, it is inevitable. Sadly, a great majority of couples regret getting married and live through an unsatisfying marriage, because they lacked an informative foundation of communication and understanding. However, a healthy marriage foundation can be established through Pre-Marital Counselling.

Our couples counselling prepares couples for the journey ahead through Pre-Marital Counselling by giving tools to understand yourself, your partner and even more understanding your role in your relationship. This will definitely give you a head start to a successful marriage for the years to come.

  • 1. Understand yourself
  • 2. Understand your Partner
  • 3. Understand your Role in your Marriage

We use Imago Therapy and Transactional Analysis as basis for Pre-Marital Counselling. Imago Therapy is a very practical and hands on couples guide. Imago Therapy will help couples understand themselves, how to attain the love they want and how to work through challenging times in order to move towards a more loving, supportive and how to have a satisfying relationship before marriage.

Marriage Counselling

In our day and age Marriages are under a lot of stress and divorce is sadly often the first option. Couples sometimes fear or do not feel comfortable with Marriage Counselling, due to a lack of knowledge or pre conceived ideas of Marriage Counselling. However, in a modern and stressful society Marriage Counselling can and will help couples of any age through difficult times. There are two main techniques that we use in our Marriage Counselling sessions, namely Imago Therapy and Transactional Analysis.

Imago Therapy is a very practical and hands on couples guide. This guide will help couples understand themselves; how to attain the love they want and how to work through challenging times. The aim is to move towards a more loving, supportive and satisfying relationship.

The Transactional Analysis is a Psychological method to improve communication. It focuses on how the individual perceives his or her environment and how to relate and communicate in a healthy way with your partner. Communication is the foundation of any relationship and great care will be taken in your sessions to ensure healthy communication will be implemented.

Trauma Counselling

Trauma Counselling does not only include counselling of extreme trauma situations such as robbery, eating disorders, abusive relationships, sexual abuse, drug abuse, horrific accidents, death and the like, but also spans to include day to day traumatic situations. Trauma Counselling also includes therapy for persons facing terminal or life threatening illnesses, such as cancer or AIDS.

Traumatic situations very often, do not only affect the person that was directly involved, but also that person's close friends and family. Trauma Counselling sessions can also help loved ones better deal with a traumatic situations and will give them the ability to support the individual that was directly affected more effectively.

At All Is Well, we use a technique called Trauma Incident Reduction. We help the trauma victim deal with the traumatic incident by de-charging the emotional charge associated to the event. By doing this we help the individual to release pain, anxiety, fears and other emotional charges associated to the event that have often been build up over years of tension. The end result is one, where the incident does not negatively influence the person on a daily basis or evoke negative emotional states by thinking of the event.

Our Foundation also performs Group Trauma Debriefings. Group Debriefings are normally performed in situation where 5 or more persons were involved in a traumatic event. We will debrief the group at the premises where the event occurred. The group will be debriefed collectively and individually. Corporate companies have found the group debriefings very helpful.

Loss and Grief Counselling

Grief is a normal response to the loss of any significant person, object or opportunity. Grief is an experience of deprivation and anxiety that can manifest itself through ones behavior, emotions, thinking, physiology, interpersonal relationships and spirituality. Grief occurs with a sense of loss and can therefore also include divorce, departure of a child, retirement from career, loss of a limb, losing a home or valued possession, loss of oneís youthful appearance and relationships being left behind. In other words, whenever a part of life is taken away or lost, a state of grief can occur.

Life Counsel will give you the necessary coping tools in dealing with the grieving period by encouraging healthy discussions and by expressing emotive states. We will install healthy boundaries and help counselees come to logical conclusions by listening, supporting, praying, encouraging and giving hope where there seems to be no hope.

Depression Counselling

We all face difficult trails and situations which often lead to stress, anxiety and finally Depression. Depression covers a very broad spectrum of symptoms that differ from severity, frequency, duration and origin. The signs of depression are based on feelings, thinking, behavior and physical illness. A depressive state and the severity of depression are dependent on three main contributing factors: Biological Causes, Psychological Causes and then Social Environmental influences.

There are some signs one should be aware of: unhappiness, a feeling of inefficiency, physical illness, decrease of sexual interests, low self - esteem, insomnia, lack of appetite, a feeling of isolation, wanting to be isolated from social activity, a feeling of hopelessness, being extremely emotional, a lack of will power, no or lack of interest in partaking in day to day activities and suicidal thoughts or tendencies.

Stress Counselling

Anxiety, stress, fear, phobia, panic and tension are words with different technical meaning but are often used to describe this common condition of Stress and Anxiety. Stress and Anxiety is a part of our daily lives and everyone will experience it to some degree whether it has a positive or negative effect on their life.

Unfortunately some of us are overwhelmed by stresses in an extremely negative way. We fall prone to stress and Anxiety due to the following factors: Unstable environments, uncontrollable circumstances, low self-esteem, conflict, fears, unmet needs, relationship involvements, beliefs, work environment and psychological influences.

Life Counsel will help you to manage your anxiety by implementing healthy ways of living, cognitive-behavioural changes, environmental changes, giving hope and giving advice in keeping a healthy perspective throughout your life. You can be in control of your life, let Life Counsel show you the way.

Teenage Counselling

Teen counselling gives a teenager the space to talk about their thoughts and feelings. Going through adolescence is challenging and teens often do not understand how to deal with the physical and hormonal changes in their own bodies. Life Counsel will help teenagers and their parents through the difficult times. Understanding how you as a parent should go about parenting your teenager is of great importance.

Adolescence has been called the most confusing, frustrating, challenging and fascinating phase of human development. There are a number of factors including physical changes, sexual changes, interpersonal changes, morals, values, religious beliefs, moving to independence, self-esteem and future concerns that contribute to adolescent problems.

We know that teen Depression is one of the big causes for teenage suicides. Often teen depression is mistaken for rebellious behaviour. If you are suffering from teen depression or are aware of your teen being depressed and don't know how to handle the situation Life Counsel offers teenage counselling.

Family Counselling

Every family is unique and has its own challenges. Some families do find it hard to live in harmony with one other. Family dynamics like unforeseen circumstances, stresses, different world views, expectations, rebellious children and parenting problems all play a significant role towards the family's well-being. Life will throw curve balls and great challenges will arise, but Life Counsel will help and guide families to new heights and strengths.

Family counselling and therapy gives the family opportunity to communicate, let their thoughts be known in a structured environment. Here, family issues can be resolved in a respectful way.

The individual will also have the opportunity to express themselves in order for the rest of the family to understand the individual in a respectful manner. Communication structures will be introduced and applied when communicated. Let us give our families first priority and not let our families be deprived from the joys of life.

Health Care Services

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Acupressure
  • Pranayam
  • Full Body Massage
  • Back Bone Problems, frozen shoulder, Bursitis,

  • Spondylitis
  • Pain Therapy
  • Leg Therapy
  • Hand Therapy
  • Head Therapy
  • Hair Therapy
  • Home service to look after diseases such as Migrane (Half Head Pain),
  • Paralysis, Back pain, Tennis Elbow, Slip Disk.

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Nursing Care Center Services

  • Best environment and facilities for old oge people
  • Neat and Clean Environment,Peace of mind with daily exercise, yoga, massage.
  • Visit of doctor for check up, nursing staff to look after.
  • Heathy breakfast with fruits and milk.
  • Twice daily healthy and nutritious food.
  • Special home service and facility of nursing staff, governess to look after, brother, ward boy,
  • Expert doctor, physiotherapist and occupressure expert.
  • Home service to look after diseases such as Migrane (Half Head Pain),
  • Back Bone Problems, frozen shoulder, Bursitis,
  • Paralysis, Back pain, Tennis Elbow, Slip Disk.