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ALL IS WELL COUNSELLING - HEALTH SERVICES- NURSING CARE CENTER began on 4th July 1996 and since that time we have served communities by offering professional counseling and psychiatric services for children, adolescents, and adults. With more than twenty locations in Maharashtra we are able to serve many communities and provide our clients with convenience. All Is Well recognizes that, everyone struggles with life's challenges from time to time. All Is Well exists to help people face those challenges.

All Is Well Counselling center is established to help people of all ages and races to live a satisfying life; regardless of what you may be facing or going through. We are here to give you a helping hand in times of need or tribulation. With All Is Well you will not only find we provide professional services, but we also believe in adding value to your experience with us. We will soon start you on a journey to embrace life and all its goodness again.

At All Is Well we incorporate both psychological and cognitive schools of thought with the interrelation thereof with physical well being. We do not take a "preacher" approach, but help you by giving life tools and skills that will pose useful in future life situations as well as take individual personality types into account.

Training Programs

  • Communication Skills: Expressing what I want to and listening what others are saying. This simple task becomes complex if there are drawback in it. This training program helps to remove the drawback.
  • Stress Management: Stress is part of life. Not getting negatively affected by it and living productively is the aim of this training.
  • Assertiveness Training: Learning to tell exactly what you want to tell without hearting others and self.
  • Anger Management: Getting angry is very natural. But to get angry at right time and on right person is necessary. We train people in (his.
  • Time Management: Time is money. Today time management play important role in successful life. We teach to do this.
  • Emotional Intelligence: This intelligence is learned one. This training helps in expressing emotions, knowing emotion of self and others.
  • Parenting style: Becoming parent is a natural phenomenon. But becoming good parent needs proper efforts. This effort is trained through this program.
  • Study Habit: We train student to use proper study habit and memory techniques. So that they get the maximum result in their examination.

Caring & Professional

At All Is Well Counselling Center understand that all people struggle at times and our caring and professional staff can help those struggling with depression, stress management, grief recovery, divorce recovery, eating disorders, anxiety and phobias, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, self-esteem, substance abuse, attention deficit/learning problems, behavioral problems, emotional trauma, parenting challenges and many other issues.

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